Intended for the end customer and ready to plant in the field

The Smarttree is an ideal plant format for adapting to the new model of super high density plantations. This model allows total mechanisation from the moment of planting with the aim of quickly creating an efficient productive wall that also reduces costs.

This new model aims to solve the problems of labour availability and costs and reduce the initial investment in support structures.
In the specific case of the olive tree Smarttree, planting can take place in any season of the year, according to the specific climate conditions of the project, avoiding winter in frost-risk zones and the summer in very hot zones.

About us

Agromillora Group

  • 50–60 cm high plant, grafted, in the case of fruit trees, and semi–hardwood stake in the case of olive plants.
  • Comprehensive genetic and health controls
    through the most advanced techniques,
    such as real-time PCR.
  • It has a very well-established root
    system in a substrate rich in coconut fibre and
    peat to facilitate ventilation and ensure
    health quality.
  • The plant is staked and has a
    40 cm high biodegradable plastic
    protection. The
    inside of the protector is black to prevent light penetration
    and avoid suckers. The outside is
    white to reflect light.
  • For stone fruit Smarttrees,
    the patterns are
    ROOTPAC [ Rootpac ® > ]series grafted in a large number of varieties of
    almonds, peach trees, nectarines,
    plums and apricots.
  • Our plants come from
    clonal material to ensure the highest
    genetic and health quality.
  • The top of the plant has been pruned
    and has several offshoots.
  • Smarttree plants are delivered
    in a 250 ml Teku® format pot.
  • It has 2 holes, the first where the
    plant is located and the second one
    used to insert the stake as support
    for the plant in the field.
  • For olive Smarttrees, we have
    the varieties best adapted to the super high density
    system such as:
    Arbequina clone AS-1, Arbosana, Oliana,
    Koroneiki, Sikitita, Lecciana and
    Manzanilla Cacereña.