Quality Assurance

Agromillora Quality Assurance


To guarantee that all our plants are of the highest quality, we created the Quality Assurance & Research seal. The seal represents our commitment to the genetic and health quality of each variety. It certifies that the plant has undergone that most stringent procedures, measures and policies in the sector.



Quality Assurance is a fundamental pillar to guarantee the production of healthy and resistant plants for our customers and consolidate Agromillora’s production facilities in the nursery world.

Agromillora’s Quality Assurance aims to neutralise emerging health threats such as new bacterial diseases (Rhodococcus fascians, HLB, citrus canker, Xylella fastidiosa and Xanthomonas arboricola, among others) through the implementation of quality policies and strict control protocols in all our production facilities, based primarily on safety and traceability.


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