Why choose Agromillora?

At Agromillora we invest all the know–how accumulated over more than 30 years and the most advanced technology at the service of our nursery production.

And we do all this to guarantee the quality of our plants


Nut varieties


Characteristics of nut trees

Micrografted plants are of the highest genetic and health quality, featuring a root system developed in an inert substrate. Testing is carried out using the most advanced techniques, such as real time</em PCR.>.

Agromillora is the largest plant multiplication and sales platform in the world. We work with the best breeders and have the best selection of varieties on the market.

Thanks to the wide array of available patterns multiplied by in-vitro culture, the plant material obtained is of the highest genetic and health quality.

We select our plants meticulously to deliver to our customers the plant that best suits their needs.

As a leading company in in-vitro multiplication of woody species, and thanks to our strategic relationship with key breeders around the world, we are able to address any project for spreading new varieties worldwide.

Agromillora is a world leader in research and innovation of new super high density agronomic models. We have the best genetic materials adapted to this system in different species such as almond.




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