Why choose Agromillora?

At Agromillora we invest all the know–how accumulated over more than 30 years and the most advanced technology at the service of our nursery production.

And we do all this to guarantee the quality of our plants


Selection of berries

At Agromillora we work with the best breeders in the world. Thanks to our international structure, our 11 subsidiaries around the world and our presence in many countries, we are able to offer our customers the largest selection of species and varieties available on the market (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, maqui berries and currants).
All our plants come from in vitro</em culture.>. We thus ensure the genetic identity and guarantee the highest health quality.

As a leading company in in-vitro multiplication of woody species, and thanks to our strategic relationship with key breeders around the world, we are able to address any project for spreading new varieties worldwide.
We provide blueberry varieties suitable for mechanised harvesting to help our clients maximise their crops’ profitability and efficiency.




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